McTimoney- Corley’s Chiropractic

 ból kręgosłupaChiropractic is a form of manual therapy based on deep analysis of mechanics of the neuromusculoskeletal system and its disorders. Owing to its unique technique, chiropractic can balance the musculoskeletal system in a very gentle, yet very effective way and reduce such symptoms as headaches and peripheral joints pains, pains of the spine, neuralgias and many other afflictions that are secondarily connected to the dysfunctions of biomechanics. Chiropractic is taught in many schools all over the world. There are many variations – from mechanistic based on direct manipulation of spinal joints and limbs which restores muscle balance or reconstructs correct tensions of cranial and circumferential nerves, to techniques of reflexive stimulation of musculoskeletal system and the whole body to intensify its innate ability to self-regulation.

McTimoney- Corley’s Chiropractic derives from chiropractic of D.D. Palmer who is considered the father of modern chiropractic. However, contrary to it MTC Chiropractic does not focus on the spine alone but extends its manipulation to the whole biomechanical system: pelvis, limbs, chest, spine and skull. Its objective is to enable the body to return to good health through gentle mobilization and in consequence to ensure accurate operation of such systems as: musculoskeletal, nervous and endocrinological which control natural ability of the human body to self-healing. It should be remembered that subluxations of spinal joints result in an avalanche of compensation processes the normalization or adjustment of which belongs to the competences of a chiropractor. Besides, spine imbalance causes the irritation of nerve roots which pass through the intervertebral canals. The irritation of those roots impairs normal nerve function and affects the health condition of a human being. For the optimal health condition it is important to balance the motor organ in such a way that there are no nerves irritations that are harmful for human health.

During each manipulation MTC Chiropractors work on the whole motor system to restore correct conditions of its operation. MTC Chiropractor pays particular attention to the adjustment of pelvis and the operation of sacroiliac which has the key meaning for the whole human motor system. It is the only variety of chiropractic working on skull. MTC Chiropractic, replacing hard techniques on the spine introduced the reflexive regulative impulse, which acts through fascia spontaneously creating conditions to restore the correct position of the vertebrae, which has made it exceptionally gentle and safe, and at the same time a very effective form of manual therapy. Therefore it belongs to the forms of therapy which is eagerly used by children and elderly persons.

Author: Henryk Dyczek*

* Henry Dyczek is the founder and director of Chiropractic Academy, a graduate of chiropractic of Oxford Brooks University, Great Britain. For many years he has practiced the profession of a chiropractor in Great Britain and Poland.

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