Clavitherapy is a dermo-visceral, non- invasive therapy, used in psychological and neurophysiological rehabilitation. It relieves the stress on the central and peripheral nervous system by regulating the electric potentials of the body.

It restores lost conduction among the nerves in the body in order to increase blood circulation to the effected areas, thus promoting the body’s ability to self regulate and self heal.

Clavitherapy treatments are performed using clavus [latin: clavus=nail], by stimulating the skin in specific zones and points, as used in acupuncture.





Clavitherapy is performed by multiple stimulation on the scalp and the skin all over the body analyzing various sensations in correlation with the functional topography of the brain centres.

Is explained by the fact that our bodies are capable of a high degree of regeneration when the right stimulation of particular nerve receptors are given.