Clavitherapy is a new diagnostic and therapeutic direction in Reflexology.

Was discovered by the Polish Psychologist - dr Ferdynand Barbasiewicz, in the 1960’s

Klawiterapia Clavitherapy is a reflex , non-invasive, skin - internal method used in psychological and neurophysiological rehabilitation. It enables psychological and nervous acting out, relieves the stress imposed on the central and peripheral nervous system. It regulates the electric potentials of the body and restores the lost conduction of nervous impulses, which - together with the morphologically, hormonally and chemically disturbed blood - causes the increased susceptibility and even an enzymatic and metabolic collapse at the endogenous, subcellular level. Clavitherapy detoxifies and cleanses the human body. Within several days it regulates the nervous, digestive, enzymatic and hormonal systems for a full reconstitution of the blood, which in turn causes the healing proper in improving the condition of the suffering and disabled human. The therapeutic procedure is carried out with the use of clavicules (the Latin word clavus stands for a nail) or the omnipresent skewers and toothpicks (certified by the State Institute of Hygiene) by stimulating the surface of the skin, over the anatomy of the nervous system and on the biologically active zones and points, also the ones used in acupuncture, which results in self-regulation and self-healing. By psychotherapy and psychogenic action as well as stimulation and reflex-based neurophysiological and dermovisceral processes on the dermatome receptors and deeper, by neurochemical stimulation signal transmission to the neurotome, myotome, sclerotome, one can regulate the disturbed human body at the endogenous level by means of the nervous system in a precise and complementary manner. The precise biocybernetics steering via the nervous system of psychogenic and endogenous processes at the subcellular level results in the production of cytokines, the complement, interferon, endorphins and other endogenous factors.

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