Facial Reflexology

A stress, an improper lifestyle, an irrational nutrition,a pollution of the environment influence negatively our helth. The result of them are so popular nowadays diseases such as neurosis, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, migraines.

Refleksologia twarzey SzczecinWe often ask ourselves the question: do you know how to relax? how to regain power to be able to continue work? In a situation when the date of my holidays is In about a few months, what can I do to calm my tired and overworked body?

The Facial Reflexology maybe is the answer to this question . It is a natural therapy which leads to the internal calmness and deep relaxation.

Face Reflexology is particularly recommended in cases of:

  • Physical and mental tiredness;
  • Problems with memory and concentration;
  • Depression;
  • States of emotional tension;
  • Nerve face diseases;
  • Headaches;
  • Team painful premenstrual;
  • Menopause.

Duration - 40 minutes.