Reflexology of feet

Refleksologia stóp SzczecinReflexologic stimulation lasts about 60 minutes and consists of three parts:

  1. Relaxing part – aims at invigorating circulatory system, warming muscles and metatarsal ligaments.
  2. Therapeutic part (proper manipulation).
  3. 3. Relaxing part connected with feet massage – its task is to soothe and relax feet and to unwind the whole body.

In a healthy body the manipulation of feet can be painful. It should be remembered that there is no pain in the human body, which would not be in feet and would not be responsible for the unregulated functioning of the body before the name of a diagnosed malady appears. Therefore, for the stimulation to be effective it is recommended not to take any painkillers 6 hours before the stimulation.

The manipulation can be performed two – three times a week with two days’ break in-between. There is a rule that has to be highlighted - a complete series of manipulation has to be taken, even if some symptoms of feeling better are observed. Subsequently, it is recommended to pay a visit at reflexologist’s from time to time, as they will be a substantial supplement to the measures keeping the body in a good condition.

In case of chronic diseases, which may continue for years, it should be remembered that bringing the body to homeostasis, i.e. the natural biological balance, requires more time and patience; often the habits, diet and the way of life have to be changed. Recovery may be a long therapeutic, healing process, which requires active collaboration with a therapist.

Refleksologia stóp SzczecinMost often reactions after reflexologic stimulation:

  • more frequent urination due to increased activity of kidneys, which is to purify the body from toxins;
  • increased intestinal motility;
  • increased mucous secretion by mucous membrane;
  • transient changes of bodily temperature after the manipulation (feeling cold or hot);
  • increased perspiration during and after the manipulation;
  • transient exacerbation of chronic symptoms, which is a positive sign of transition from the chronic disorder into the acute disorder, which the body is able to overcome by itself easier;
  • drowsiness and tiredness;
  • excellent well-being close to euphoria;

Reflexology is also an excellent form of preventive actions. Human foot can signal disorders of bodily functions two to three years before they will be felt in the respective parts of the body. Professional manipulations can counteract the causes of disorders before more serious health problems appear.