Gift Card

Ladies and Gentlemen!

During every year many opportunities happen to give someone a present. So there is a problem what to choose, where to buy , and whether our present is going to be a good one? I suggest you a very smart and also not difficult solution to a problem! You can just call to order and pick up a Gift Card.

I recommend you two types of Cards:

-  Gift Card of A4 size , packed in an envelope. On the Card you can put a note (dedication, thanks,wishes, name and the recipient's name etc), image, logo or an element freely chosen by you.

-   Invitation Card of the Business Card ( size of a credit card) with the ability to add all handwritten dedications or thanks.

If it is necessary, we can make Business Cards or Gifts Cards uniquely identifing with your company!

I invite you to buy these very interesting and attractive gifts.

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