Mc Timoney-Corley’s Chiropractic

 ból kręgosłupaMcTimoney-Corley’s Chiropractic uses only soft manual mobilization for improving and balancing the musculoskeletal system.It is very gentle, safe and relaxing for the patient because it is done by the fingertips of chiropractor. Balancing the musculoskeletal system , chiropractor McTimoney-Corley begins by balancing the lap-band cross. It is consisted of the not controlled cycle oscillations and rotation of pelvis. After restoration the symmetry of pelvis, which is considered the basis of the spine by McTimoney-Corley Chiropractic, chiropractor begins to balance the spine. He works on the vertebrae of the spine using his fingertips and knowing techniques so-called „ reflexive impulse control”. This technique is also used at work on bones of skull. In the final stage he improves joints of arms and legs, and releases restrictions musculoskeletal system of soft tissue, which reduces its efficiency. The result of the Chiropractic Mc Timoney-Corley’s performance is reduction or removing symptoms made by musculoskeletal imbalances and improving patient’s feeling.

McTimoney-Corley’s Chiropractic holds a special place in preventive health in relation to the whole - holistic character.

Giving the delicacy and using only soft technics it is especially recommended for children and the elderly. This chiropractic doesn’t cause , because of its character, any neurological complications!

Duration 30-40 minutes.

Description of chiropractic-Henry Dyczek

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