About Me

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Iwona GotłasI have always been interested in the health and ability to care for it. Choosing a medical school was a logical consequence of my interest. The medical knowledge gained there became the basis for my future career. Although I wasn’t always professionally active. I have never stopped to search effective ways for my family to enjoy a good health condition. In my search I got to natural therapies which are: reflexology, chiropractic, massage, bioenergotheraphy. I decided to deepen my knowledge. For that I completed specializing courses and I made the required work experience.

I have the title of certified reflexology therapist was assigned by the Polish Institute of Reflexology
I completed the Academy of Chiropractic and obtained a Certificate of Competence (CK).
I finished the course of classical and therapeutic massage in the Fitness Academy in Szczecin.
I learned to work with energy - second degree Reiki, and I passed the state exam after which I received a bioenergy therapist profession.

Never enough learning and looking for a good health. It is never tiring.Particularly, if you help others.
The belief that I have gained knowledge and experience allowed me to assist effectively everybody who l seks this assistance, led to the idea for "Naturavita".
The ceremonial opening was held in the presence of Wanda Budzanowski-Bratko a predecessor of reflexology in Poland.

The Cabinet has existed since 2007 and is one of the first of its kind in Szczecin. Its launch was carefully recorded by the local media, with which, since then, I have had several opportunities to share the knowledge and the experience about reflexology.

When I was younger I used to be ashamed of my large hands. It's nothing fancy, every woman has got complexes. However, when I started to learn about reflexology, chiropractic and massage , when I started to practise , first with my close family and then with my friends , I tackled that there is nothing to be ashamed and that with my hands , my knowledge and my experience, I can help others, I should be proud of them. I give them to you.

Please accept my invitation to the Cabinet.

Iwona B.Gotłas